incorporating state corporations

Incorporating State Corporations

Incorporate A Corporation and Save!

Incorporating Your State Corporations- Our State incorporating legal forms package includes all of the forms and instructions you will need for incorporating and generating your bylaws and corporate kit. Incorporating Documents, Step-By-Step Instructional Ebook with links to stateincorporating resources, Organizational Minutes, Corporate Bylaws, Corporate Kit, Share Certificate Template, Checklists, our complete 80 document Small Business Document Package and other resources for incorporating. The system includes our automated document template system that will generate your individualized documents with a simple merge function. Read About Our System.

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Our Incorporating Legal Packages include:
Initial Incorporating Documents (Articles of Incorporation) Acceptance of Corporate Offices
Initial Corporate Actions Corporate Bylaws
Election of Officers Pre-Incorporation Agreement
Election of Directors Stock Subscription Agreements
Subchapter S Election Forms (IRS 2553) Employer Identification Number Application (IRS Form SS-4)
Other Formation Documents Our 80 document Small Business Document Package and over 600 other forms. Included for free!!
Incorporating With Automated Merge Database System - Addionally, our forms come with an Automated Merge Database System that you may choose to use to insert your name and other specific information. The merge system allows you to fill out the variable information and your documents are automatically created for you with just a few keystrokes, ready for review by your attorney.
Step By Step Incorporating Ebook With Resource Links - Our documents come with discussion of the basic decisions such as choosing your corporate name.. We use an interactive Ebook format which has links to all of your state's online resources, name checks, and other information that you will need to make the basic decisions regarding your corporation, such as inserting the shareholder names, identifying who will be the directors, entering the address of the corporation business office and similar basic decisions in order for you to prepare your own corporate formation documents.
700 Legal and Business Forms - And as a bonus, you will receive a 700 free legal and business package, chocked full of additional form documents for your new corporation such as annual meeting minutes, special transaction minutes, employment agreements, business letter forms, various contracts and policies, and more!! View Small Business Package Contents
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For those who have already incorporated and only need your Bylaws, Corporate Minutes and other organizational documents, we are now offering our Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Kit Document Package. If you have already incorporated and simply need to complete your other corporate organizational formalities, CLICK HERE

You will have everything you need to incorporate and complete the corporate organization of your Illinois corporation for one low price. You will save hundreds of dollars incorporating your business using our easy to follow instructional Ebooks. Licensing Terms | Special Notice Regarding Attorney Review |
Incorporate Your Corporation


Initial Action By Incorporators; Official Call To Organizational Shareholder Meeting; Waiver of Notice of Organizational Shareholder Meeting; Minutes of Organizational Meeting of the Shareholders; Unanimous Written Consent of Shareholders In Lieu of Organizational Meeting; Official Call To Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors; Minutes of Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors; Unanimous Written Consent of Directors In Lieu of Organizational Meeting; Official Corporate Bylaws; Stock Subscription Agreements For Corporate Shareholders; Acceptance of Officers of Their Positions; Acceptance of Directors of Their Positions; Official Share Certificate Template; Minute Book Receipts For Issued Shares; Stock Transfer Ledger


Convenient access to a variety of income tax documents including Application For Federal Employer Identification Number With IRS Instructions; Separate, easier to follow, Instructions For Obtaining Federal Employer Identification Number; Subchapter S Election Application Along With Instructions For Completing Subchapter S Election; Shareholder Consent To Subchapter S Election


Hundreds of pages of legal document forms including various corporate resolutions, employment agreements, consulting agreements, company policies, stock agreements and various other documents that will be useful to most small businesses.


Links to resources on other Possible Licensing Requirements Which Might Apply To Your Business and other useful resources for your business.


A host of links to business resources that may be of assistance in starting your business.



You will save hundreds of dollars in attorney fees using our products to incorporate. You will also save the costs associated with using incorporation services who generally charge around $400.00 for a complete incorporation with everything that you really need to incorporate.


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INCORPORATE YOUR COMPANY CORPORATION - HOW IS OUT KIT DIFFERENT? You may find documents to incorporate, corporate bylaws and other documents for sale on the Internet. Ours is the only comprehensive package that uses a database merge system to automatically generate your customized document. Ours is also the only package we have found that gives you all of the documents you will need to Incorporate and create you Corporate Kit yourself using our form documents including share certificates, bylaws, officer and director elections, organizational minutes, Subchapter S resolutions. We are also the only provider to offer you our 80 plus document Small Business Document Package, over 600 business and legal forms, and one year of registered agent service FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase our product. ALL DELIVERED IN ONE EASY DOWNLOAD FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE USE

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