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Incorporation Form Kits - Incorporating Your Business

Incorporate Your Business Yourself and Save Time and Money

Most businesses,whether traditional brick and mortar, online, virtual businesses or home based businesses will reduce their liability exposure and in many cases their tax bill by incorporating.

If you are ready to incorporate your business you have come to the right place. Compared to your other incorporation options you will save hundreds of dollars incorporating with our products. Additionally, you will have numerous free additional products that you would cost hundreds of dollars if you purchased them elsewhere on the Internet.

Your Options For Incorporating:

Once you have decided to incorporate, you have three primary options.

Attorney or Accountant Incorporation. You can go to an attorney or an accountant to incorporate your business. As a former practicing attorney, I can tell you that this is the bread and butter of a small local attorney practice. Attorneys will charge you anywhere between $500 and several thousand dollars to incorporate a business. This is pure profit for the attorney or accountant because the incorporation process is generally forms based and is a matter of changing some variable information in their form documents. Incidentally, our for packages are the same forms that I used when I was practicing law.

Incorporation Services. This is pretty much the same scenario as using an attorney. You will pay somewhere around $300-500 to have the incorporation service fill in your forms and handle your documents. You may see advertisements for more inexpensive offers, but these offers only include the basic filing of your documents. There is a lot more to the complete incorporation process. To actually get everything that you need, you will end up paying much more.

Other Document Providers. There are other legal document providers online for about the same cost as our form packages. One problem that you run into is that their documents are not . Our documents are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your state. Our resources are tied directly into state specific information to guide you through the process. Additionally, we provide you with over 700 quality legal and business forms and one free year of registered agent services from one of the top national registered agent services. The value of the free document offering is hundreds of dollars. The value of the Registered Agent Package is many times more than the cost of our document package.

Our products are delivered in an easy to install download. Once you purchase, you will have all of the forms, instructions, and state specific resources on your desktop in a matter of minutes.

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Complete Automated State Specific Corporation Document Systems With Over 700 Free Legal and Business Forms and One Year of Free Registered Agent Service. Complete Contents

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Should An Online Business Incorporate?
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Find out why incorporation services and attorney incorporations are so expensive.

Discover the secrets that incorporation services do not want you to learn.
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