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Find out why incorporation services and attorney incorporations are so expensive.

Discover the secrets that incorporation services do not want you to learn.
Our packages are specifically designed so that you will save hundreds of dollars incorporating your business. We do this by permitting you to download the merge system that is similar to the same system used in attorney offices and incorporation services to generate your form documents. This system will help you generate incorporation papers, bylaws, resolutions, share certificates and the other documents that you need to complete your corporation...all at a fraction of the cost that you would pay an incorporation service.

The Internet and even television advertisements are filled with advertisement for inexpensive incorporation. One major legal document form site is advertising a $139 incorporation on television.

The problem with most of these ads is that they are just teaser ads and only cover filing your articles of incorporation. There is a lot more to completing your incorporation. By the time you purchase everything that you really need to completely structure your corporation, you will end up spending closer to $500 plus the filing fee for your state.

Our business model is slightly different. We permit you to purchase a license to use a similar merge document system that the other services use. You generate your own documents and mail them off yourself. In the process, you save hundreds of dollars.

How are we able to do this for such a low cost? It is really simple. We have completely adapted our business model for the Internet. We have no "bricks and mortar" infrastructure to maintain. The major legal document provider listed above is running national advertisements on television. Incorporation services have full rosters of employees and large offices to maintain. That is what you are paying for when you use these providers to incorporate.

To contrast, we use technology to its fullest. We automate our process. You download your product. You fill in your own central database with you variable information. You merge your own forms to create custom documents.

The end result is the same, but you save hundreds of dollars in the process.

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