incorporating documents

Our Incorporation document packages are unlike anything else that is available on the Internet.

Each package is state specific; containing resources and document . The documents in our packages are not just generic documents that may or may not work in your state.

Each package contains all of the documents you will need to incorporate in your state, a 40 plus page corporate kit and organizational document package, format share certificates, and a variety of other documents necessay for the incorporation processes.

All of the documents in your package are automatically generated based on variable information (corporation name, name of officers and directors, etc.) that you input into a central information template. All of your documents are automatically generated ready to print out, with all of your corporation's specific information inserted in the appropriate place.

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Each package comes with a state specific, full-length, step by step Ebook. Our Ebooks are in HTML format and run directly in your web browser. All documents are opened using links in the Ebooks. The Ebooks contain state-specific links to your state incorporation offices and other sources, giving you a full range of resources at your fingertips.

Each package also comes with our 80 document Business Document Package. This package includes templates for your corporate meetings, annual update information and a host of other documents used by most small businesses. Using these documents, you will be able to properly maintain your corporation following formation.

Our Incorporation E-Book will take you on a step by step tour of the various decisions that you need to make in forming your corporation. Each step includes access to state specific resources to assist you in making these decisions. You will fill in a central information template of the various information relative to your corporation, such as Corporate Name, Officer and Director Names, Shareholder Information etc. Once you have completed this information, your incorporation documents will be automatically created using a merge function.

Using our complete automated Corporate Kit and Organizational Document E-Books, you will be able to prepare ALL of the paperwork that you need to complete the internal organization of your corporation in any state for one low price that is a fraction of the cost that you will pay incorporating with an online service.

Compared to the $350 - $500 that is charged by online incorporation providers, the cost savings to you are incredible. Additionally, if you use our automated incorporation document packages to form and organize more than one incorporation, your incorporation savings will multiply!

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