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Oregon Incorporation Services have a secret that they do not want you to know! The process of incorporating your business is largely based on pre-canned legal forms that they simply merge together, print out, and charge you hundreds of dollars!

Oregon Incorporation Services will charge you anywhere from $300-800 to form your corporation and complete all of the other paperwork necessary to complete your corporate organization. If you use an attorney instead of an incorporation service, you will likely pay more than that. The price incorporation services charge is generally in addition to the fees you must pay to your state for your corporate charter.

Using our incorporation system instead of an incorporation service, you will save hundreds of dollars incorporating your business. Our packages include everything that you will receive from an incorporation service. When you incorporate using an incorporation service, you will generally fill in a form online that includes all of you variable information. The incorporation service take this information and merges it with their incorporation documents. The incorporation services prints out your documents, puts then in envelopes, lick a few stamps, and charges you hundreds of dollars. That is because you are paying for them to support their staff and their "bricks and mortar" business infrastructure.

With our incorporation products, we provide you with the same form paperwork. We than allow you to download the merge system so that you can merge your own documents, put them in your own envelopes, lick your own stamps, and save the hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise pay to an incorporation service.

The only thing we cannot directly provide is Registered Agent Services in your state. Instead, we have made arrangements with atop national registered agent to provide that services for you, FOR FREE, for the first year. Normally, an incorporation services would charge you anywhere between $99 and $300 for this service. Our products include a coupon code that you can redeem to receive your first year of registered agent services FOR FREE. That service alone is worth more than twice the cost of our product.

We offer 4 package options for Oregon corporations

Now With 1 Free Year Registered Agent Service and 700 free business and legal forms!!

Lowest Cost - Most Comprehensive Product On The Internet

Our Oregon Incorporation and Corporate Kit Package includes all of the documents that you need to incorporate your business in Oregon, full length form Bylaws, along with other necessary corporate organizational documents. Everything you need to complete your corporation is included. In addition, our Corporate Kit Package includes an 80 plus document Small Business Form Package and over 600 additional business and legal forms. The Small Business Package includes yearly and other board meeting minutes, employment agreements, and a host of other useful legal documents.

Using our Oregon incorporation system, including our Oregon incorporation form document ebooks, you can complete your Oregon incorporation yourself and have your corporate kit, corporate bylaws and other initial documents for a fraction of the cost that you would pay an attorney or incorporation service.

Our products are similar to books that you commonly find in a bookstore or your local library providing general discussions and forms. They are intended to provide you general background and assist you in creating your own papers. We strongly recommend that you have the documents that you create using our products reviewed by an attorney that is license to practice law in your state. Our forms cannot replace the services of an attorney and we are not authorized to provide legal advice regarding your specific situation or needs.


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