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Find out why incorporation services and attorney incorporations are so expensive.

Discover the secrets that incorporation services do not want you to learn.
Incorporation Service System - Download Incorporating Service Software
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Now You Can Download and Use The Same System Used By Many Incorporation Services to Create Your Corporate Documents

Incorporation Service Filing System. Incorporation service take your information online and merge your variable information forth data that you type in to create the documents that they mail in to the state and other documents. They advertise a low cost, but by the time you add on everything you need, you will pay $300-$500. (See Incorporation Service Secrets| Incorporation Service Hidden Costs)

Attorneys use the same system to generate your documents, then come all the way to their office for an appoint to sign the forms that it took just a few minutes for them to create. Attorneys will generally charge you $500-$1000 for this service.

Now you can download the same merge system that incorporation services and attorneys use to create you corporation at a small fraction of the cost that you would pay an incorporation service or an attorney. In fact, the cost of our system is less than paying for gas and parking for an appointment at an attorney office and about the same as the cost of expedited shipping service with an incorporation service.

An You Can Have Our Complete System On Your Desktop In A Matter of Minutes!

Our system includes 1) state specific incorporation documents, 2) Corporate Bylaws, 3) all the resolutions that you need to complete your internal organization, 4) pre-incorporation agreements, 5) printable share certificates and stock ledgers, 6) resolutions for sub S status election, 7) access to tax forms for obtaining an employer identification number and making a Sub S Election, and more...

Each of our state-specific packages comes with step by step instructional Ebooks that will guide you through the various steps you need to take and decisions you need to make when forming your corporation. Our Ebook resources contain hotlinks directly to resources that are applicable to your state. For example, when choosing a name you can link to the state web site that enables you to search for corporate name availability.

This is the same process that incorporation services use written down in easy to follow procedural steps. The only difference is that you will do the mouse clicks, print your own documents, cut your own check for the filing fees, and send them to your state. In the process, you will incorporate in most cases saving at least $300.

Our systems are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your state. They are made by attorneys. They are not the generic forms sold on other sites that will just be rejected when you try to file them with your state incorporation office.

On top of that, our products come loaded with extras that you will never find offered from an attorney or an incorporation service for free:

A Coupon For One Free Year of Registered Agent Services in any state in the United States. (Value $99-$150)

Over 700 Free Business and Corporate Law Form Package (Value $100-$1000)

Free Business and Personal Ebook Series for your own enjoyment

Access To Our Library of Free Website Templates.

So why pay extra to an incorporation service when you can get the same system on your own desktop for a fraction of the cost. You are shopping on the Internet, so why pay higher costs to services that need to maintain a brick and mortar business structure?

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Corporate Kit/Bylaws Forms
For those who may have already filed their incorporation, we also offer a Bylaws and Corporate Kit Package.
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