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Find out why incorporation services and attorney incorporations are so expensive.

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We offer complete Incorporation legal document packages that are . Using our products you can incorporate your business yourself and save hundreds of dollars in incorporating service fees. Our incorporation packages include complete instructions and resource links. You will also receive one free year of registered agent services with one of the top registered agents in the country and over 700 free business document forms.

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Complete Content Listing
Articles of Incorporation w/ Automatic Merge Template
Cover Letters and other state information
Step-By-Step Ebook
One Free Year Registered Agent Service
Corporate Bylaws Form w/ Automatic Merge Template
Printable Share Certificate Template w/ Share Register
Initial Corporate Resolutions
Access To Tax Election Forms and EIN Number Forms
All Other Organizational Documents
80 Document Corporate Business Form Library
Free Access To Library of Business E-Books
Free Access To Library of Web Site Templates
Election of Officers
Election of Directors
Acceptance of Corporate Offices
Other Organizational Actions
Stock Subscription Agreements
Pre-Incorporation Agreement

Our 80 Document
Small Business Document Package
Call and Notice – Annual Meeting – Shareholders Subscription Agreement
Waiver and Consent – Annual meeting- Shareholders Joinder To Stockholder Agreement
Written Consent – Annual Meeting – Shareholders Articles of Dissolution
Meeting Script – Annual Meeting – Shareholders Shareholder Action – Dissolution
Minutes of Formal Meeting- Annual Meeting – Shareholders Director Action – Dissolution
Call and Notice – Annual Meeting – Directors Plan of Liquidation
Waiver and Consent – Annual Meeting- Directors Plan of Liquidation 2
Written Consent – Annual Meeting – Directors Joint Action – Approval of Plan of Liquidation
Meeting Script – Annual Meeting – Directors Secretary Certificate – Plan of Liquidation
 Minutes of Formal Meeting- Annual Meeting – Directors Amendment To Articles of Incorporation
 Call and Notice – Special Meeting – Shareholders Shareholder Action – Amendment To Articles
Waiver and Consent – Special meeting- Shareholders Cover Letter re: California S Election Reporting
Written Consent – Special Meeting – Shareholders Cover Letter For California Form 1502
Various Resolutions – Special Meeting – Shareholders Cover Letter For 2553 Election to IRS
Call and Notice – Special Meeting – Directors Consent To Subchapter “S” Election
Waiver and Consent – Special meeting- Directors Revocation of Subchapter “S” Election
Written Consent – Special Meeting – Directors Consent To Revocation Of Subchapter “S” Election
Minutes of Formal Meeting- Special Meeting – Directors Shareholder Resolution Authorizing Acquisition of Assets
Various Resolutions – Special Meeting – Directors (See 12-0) Director Resolution Authorizing Acquisition of Assets
Acceptance of Director Positions Directors Resolution Trademark Search
Acceptance of Officer Positions Director Resolution - Borrowing From Lending Institution
Affidavit of Mailing – Shareholder Notice of Meeting Director Resolution - Sale of Real Property- Acceptance of Offer
Affidavit of Mailing – Director Notice of Meeting Director Resolution - Retainer Agreement With Corporate Law Firm
Election Ballot For Annual Meeting Director Resolution - Entering Consulting Agreement
Certificate of Director Resolution Director Resolution - Officers To Purchase Real Property
Certification of Director Election Director Resolution - To Lease Vehicle
Certified Shareholder Roster Director Resolution - To Purchase Vehicle
Trade Secrets Policy Consulting Agreement – General Service To Be Defined
Computer Use and Internet Policy Consulting Agreement – Web Site Design Services
Employee E-mail Policies Independent Contractor – Computer Software Programming
Employee Policy – Personal Use of Software Note – Shareholder Loan to Corporation
Confidential Information Agreement Security Agreement – Shareholder Loan to Corporation
Confidentiality Clause For Contract Note – Corporate Loan To Shareholder
Fixed Term Employment Agreement Security Agreement – Corporate Loan To Shareholder
Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowlegement Reserved
Employment Agreement – “At Will” Employee Copyright Security Agreement
Employment Agreement – Top Management Employee Inventions Clause
Employee Termination Acknowlegement of Proprietary Rights Employee Restrictive Covenant
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