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Montana Corporation Annual Update Form and Instruction Package

Every corporation should conduct a review of its minute book, corporate status, and other issues on an annual basis. In most states, annual or other periodic filings will be required. Annual elections need to be formally conducted and documented. It is also agood time to review the activities of the year and make other necessary adjustments to corporate structure and processes.

Our Montana Corporation Annual Update Legal Form Package is a perfect way to easily undertake this review and generate any necessary documents. Our Annual Corporate Update Package includes a detailed guide to the steps you should take every year in addition to legal forms that most corporations will need to keep their minute book up to date. The Update Package also include links to external resources, annual update requirements for your state, and additional resources that will assist your corporation in making ay necessary updates.

Items include and topics covered include:

Filing periodic reports with your state and making annual franchise or other payments.

Updating your corporate minute book.

Updating your Corporation Stock Ledger and stock book.

Reassessing tax status and making appropriate tax elections.

Various document forms including documentation for shareholder and director meetings.

Access to our online resource center that contains state specific resources applicable to your state.

We offer various licensing options depending on the number of Corporations that you intend to update using the package..

Annual Corporation Update Package
Single Corporation License
Two Corporation License
Three Corporation License
Four Corporation License
Five Corporation License

NOTE - Our license permits you to utilize the update kit for the number of Corporations listed above in which you own an interest. You are not permitted to use these forms professionally for resale to others or for other parties. For example, an accountant or attorney may not use these forms for their clients. We do offer professional licensing of this product for professional who wish to utilize these products for their clients in connection with the rendering of professional services.

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Our Montana Corporation Update Package is not yet available but is due to be released within the month. In the meantime, We offer our Bylaws and Corporate Kit Package for the state of Montana.

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