Alabama Incorporation Documents

Alabama Incorporation Ebook. Our Alabama Incorporation E-Book will take you on a step by step tour of the various decisions that you need to make in forming your corporation. Each step includes access to state specific resources to assist you in making these decisions. You will fill in a central information template of the various information relative to your corporation, such as Corporate Name, Officer and Director Names, Shareholder Information etc. Once you have completed this information, your incorporation documents will be automatically created using a merge function.

Using our complete automated Corporate Kit and Organizational Document E-Books, you will be able to prepare ALL of the paperwork that you need to complete the internal organization of your corporation in any state for one low price that is a fraction of the cost that you will pay incorporating with an online service.Compared to the $350 – $500 that is charged by online incorporation providers, the cost savings to you are incredible. Additionally, if you use our automated incorporation document packages to form and organize more than one incorporation, your incorporation savings will multiply!

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Each State Specific Package Includes Complete Content Listing 
Articles of Incorporation w/ Automatic Merge Template 
Cover Letters and other state information 
 Corporate Bylaws Form w/ Automatic Merge Template 
Printable Share Certificate Template w/ Share Register
Initial Corporate Resolutions
 Access To Tax Election Forms and EIN Number Forms
 All Other Organizational Documents 
700 Document Corporate and Business Form Library 
Free Access To Library of Business E-Books
 Free Access To Library of Web Site Templates
 Election of Officers 
Election of Directors
 Acceptance of Corporate Offices
 Other Organizational Actions 
Stock Subscription Agreements Pre-Incorporation Agreement  

Forms Needed to Incorporate and Internally Organize Your Alabama Corporation

Our packages contain all the forms that you need to incorporate, complete bylaws, take corporate formation actions, make initial tax elections, issue shares and create a corporate kit. But we also include a host of additional items for free that would cost hundreds of dollars if you purchased them elsewhere.
• 80 plus document Small Business Document Package with both our Complete Incorporation Packages and Bylaws Corporate Kit Packages. You will get tons of corporate documents, meeting minutes, employment agreements and other documents that will be useful for your business

• 150 document Corporate Meeting Minutes Package with both our Complete Incorporation Packages and Bylaws Corporate Kit Packages. You will get tons of legal documents to help you operate and memorialize actions taken at shareholder, membership and director meetings.

• 100 document Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement Package with both our Complete Incorporation Packages and Bylaws Corporate Kit Packages. You will get tons of legal documents to help you protect the business and proprietary information of your business.
• Step By Step Ebook With Resource Links – Our documents come with discussion of the basic decisions such as choosing your corporate name.. We use an interactive Ebook format which has links to all of your state’s online resources, name checks, and other information that you will need to make the basic decisions regarding your corporation, such as inserting the shareholder names, identifying who will be the directors, entering the address of the corporation business office and similar basic decisions in order for you to prepare your own corporate formation documents.
• Automated Merge Database System – Addionally, our Business Incorporation forms come with an Automated Merge Database System. you fill out the variable information and your documents are automatically created for you with just a few keystrokes, complete with cover letters, ready for mailing to your state’s incorporation offices.

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