Alabama Corporate Kit and Bylaws

Alabama Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Kit Legal Form PackageAlabama Corporate Kit Bylaws

In order to maintain corporate formalities,  each Alabama corporation must adopt Bylaws. Bylaws govern the general governance and operation of the Alabama corporation. Bylaws include items such as the number, qualification, duties, election and terms of directors and officers. Corporate Bylaws generally include other items such as election procedures, matters  relating to corporate stock, and a host of other provisions.  Corporations are also required to maintain certain records such as organizational documents, share transfer records, meeting minutes and documentation of major corporate resolutions.  Corporations should maintain these items in a central location. Most corporations maintain these items in an organized corporate record book, also known as a corporate kit.

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Our Alabama Bylaws and Corporate Kit Package includes full length form Bylaws, along with other necessary corporate organizational documents. Everything you need to complete your corporation is included. Our Corporate Kit Package includes an 80 plus document Small Business Form Package and variety of other legal forms that will help your business stay in compliance without spending hundreds of dollars on compliance professionals. The Small Business Package includes yearly and other board meeting minutes, employment agreements, and a host of other useful legal documents.

  • Form Corporate Bylaws
  • Stock Ledger
  • Printable Share Certificate Template
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Our 80 document Small Business Legal Forms Package

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It is not important that the Corporate Record Book be a fancy embossed book that costs you $100 or more. You can find plenty of those books for sale online. The important thing is that you maintain a central notebook where you place the important papers pertaining to your corporation. When putting together your official corporate record book, it is important to focus on substance over form. What you need are a good and comprehensive set of documents that are .  If you have that, a simple 3-ring binder will suffice for your official corporate record book.

Our document packages are the perfect solution for a business that wants to avoid expensive incorporation service fees.  Our products are similar to the Corporate Kit that you might purchase through an incorporation service.  However, we focus more on the content of the documents and less on the external appearance of the corporate minute book.  Corporate Kits that are sold by incorporation services generally leave you without Bylaws and other documents that you actually need to complete the organization of your company and provide you only with a slick looking notebook where you can place the actual Bylaws and other documents that you need to maintain the legal status of your company.

We strongly recommend that you have the documents that you create using our products reviewed by an attorney that is license to practice law in your state. Our forms cannot replace the services of an attorney and we are not authorized to provide legal advice regarding your specific situation or needs.

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Alabama Corporate Kit Bylaws