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Find out why incorporation services and attorney incorporations are so expensive.

Discover the secrets that incorporation services do not want you to learn.

Corporate Kits, Stock Certificates and Bylaws Forms.

We offer complete Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Kit Packages include everything that you need to create your own corporate kit and complete the internal organization of your corporation. This package includes the entire contents of our Complete Incorporation Package except for the documents that are filed with your state.

The Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Kit Package is a perfect solution for companies that have already filed with the state but need Bylaws, resolutions, stock certificates and other items needed to complete the incorporation process. The Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Kit packages include complete instructions and resource links.

You will also receive one free year of registered agent services with one of the top registered agents in the country and over 700 free business document forms.

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Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Kits - How Do Our Products Compare

How do our forms compare to other major legal form sites?

The pricing of our forms is much cheaper than the other major sites. For example, one major site sells its incorporation package for $50.00. However, it does not include a Corporate Kit Package which is included in our Incorporation Package. Their Corporate Kit costs an additional $79.95. In addition, our package includes approximately 700 free additional corporate and business forms and a certificate for one free year of Registered Agent Services.

Another major legal form provider charge $140 for its basic incorporation package. This includes their corporate kit and a 40 form bonus. To contrast, our form package is complete,comprehensive and detailed. It include many useful free extras and is available for immediate download. Our incorporation package include many free extras that our competitors do not offer.

With our products, you get all of this for one low price.

If you have no yet incorporated and need incorporation filing documents as well as Bylaws and Corporate Kits, Click Here
Corporate Kit and Bylaws Package Complete Content Listing
Corporate Kit and Bylaws Step-By-Step Ebook
One Free Year Registered Agent Service (Value $149.95)
Corporate Bylaws Form w/ Automatic Merge Template
Printable Share Certificate Template w/ Share Register
Initial Corporate Resolutions
Access To Tax Election Forms and EIN Number Forms
Election of Officers
Election of Directors
Acceptance of Corporate Offices
Other Organizational Actions
Stock Subscription Agreements
Pre-Incorporation Agreement
All Other Organizational Documents
Corporate Bylaws Package Includes These Great Bonuses FOR FREE
Hundreds of Legal Documents, Thousands of Pages
One Free Year of Registered Agent Services From One of the Top Registered Agents In The Country
80 Document Corporate Business Form Library
Nearly 600 Business Letter Forms
Estate Planning Document Package With Irrevocable Trusts, Wills and More
Real Estate Leasing Forms Package With A Variety of Commerical and Residential Lease Forms and Other Documents
Free Access To Our Gigantic Library of Business E-Books
Free Access To Our Gigantic Library of Web Site Templates
Free Access To Our Business Resources Center
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