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The State of Massachusetts maintains a web site where you can check to determine whether the corporate name that you desire is available. CLICK HERE

These determinations are non-binding and a final determination cannot be made until the documents are received and processed.

It is suggested that you search in a few different ways depending upon what name you select. You should search for the entire name that you wish to secure. Print out the results of this search and keep it for your records. You should also do a partial name search to determine what names may be close, but not exactly like the name you wish to obtain.

For example, if the name that you have chosen is ABC Vending Supplies, Inc., you should search ABC Vending Supplies, ABC Vending, and perhaps ABC Ven so you will get a picture of what names may be similar to the one you have selected.

Checking the corporate name in advance is necessary and will save you a lot of time. If you do not check first, your incorporation papers will be returned to you if there is a conflicting name and you will need to start over again from scratch.

We suggest that you do not make any expenditures in reliance on the name you choose until after your documents have been accepted by the Massachusetts corporations office.

Massachusetts permits you to reserve a corporate name in advance of filing. If you wish to reserve a corporate name in advance, review this material and complete the state provided forms. CLICK HERE

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